VeriFone VX520 Contactless/ NON-Contactless: Darken Printing

  1. Press F2 and F4 at the same time
  2. Prompt for the password and key in 1 alpha alpha 66831
  3. In system mode, press 1 for Edit Parameters
  4. Press ENTER to select Group 1
  5. Prompt for the password and key in 1 alpha alpha 66831
  6. Press ENTER at “File: CONFIG.SYS”
  7. Press 1 to add a New Parameter
  8. Key in the name of the parameters * 3 alpha 2 alpha 7 alpha alpha 5 alpha alpha (*DARK) and press Enter
  9. Key in the value which should be 5 for optimal output and press ENTER
  10. Press the red CANCEL button to return to the Verix Terminal MGR menu
  11. Press 3 for Restart

Aldelo POS: How to Setup AUTO Batch

  1. Back office
  2. Enter a access code
  3. Store Settings
  4. Revenue tab
  5. Configure EDC Integration Settings
  6. Enter EDC Username and Password, then login
  7. This Station
  8. Key in the AUTO Batch time in the field on the right next to Automatic Batch Close Trigger Time, then update
  9. Elevate Security
  10. Enter EDC Username and Password, then login
  11. This Station
  12. Stop AFR Service
  13.  Run AFR Service
  14. Welcome
  15. Exit
  16. Save and Done
  17. Return to POS

You are all set to AUTO batch at a specified time.

Epson TM-T20II: Network Address Setting for Ethernet Printer

If you are using an Ethernet connection, configure the IP address using the EpsonNet Config

  1. Start the EpsonNet Config
    • When the EpsonNet Config is already installed, start it by clicking Start – All Programs – EpsonNet – EpsonNet Config Vx – EpsonNet Config
  2. The EpsonNet Config screen appears
    • Check that the target printer is listed in the screen
  3. Select the printer you want to configure, then click the Configuration button
    • When the printer does not appear, click the Refreshbutton
  4. The Device Properties screen appears. Select the Network Interface – TCP/IP – Basic
  5. Configure the printer IP address. Then click the Transmit button
    • Select the Manual and Set using PING. Then configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway
  6. The confirmation screen appears. Click the Yes button
  7. The configured settings are sent to the printer. After approximate 10 to 30 seconds, the completion screen appears. Click the OK button
  8. Confirm the settings on the EpsonNet Config screen
  9. Quit the EpsonNet Config